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SNT Chaos Teaser
The Test Teaser
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Drum Tracking Day

Our first trilogy OUT TO GET YOU featuring Madness | Lunacy | Chaos

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Drum Tracking Day

Our first trilogy OUT TO GET YOU featuring Madness | Lunacy | Chaos

SNT Gallery Drum tracking_edited.jpg
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Suzie Tremblay- Vocals

I believe that music has the power to heal and to touch the deepest parts of the human experience. I bring this perspective to every song, crafting lyrics that are filled with meaning and honesty. I hope that our music will bring you comfort and inspire you on your own journey of healing and self-expression.

Suzie Portrait.png

We believe

music has the power to touch the

soul and inspire

deep transformation.


Our music is crafted with care,

reflecting our unique perspective on the world

and our passion for music as


Our goal is to create music

that reflects the human experience

in all its complexity and support our listeners

along their journey.

Shawn Toussaint- Guitar

If you're looking for a guitar player with a difference, then look no further than Shawn Toussaint. With his unique left-handed playing style and focus on intricate time signatures, he brings a fresh perspective to the music scene. With 30 years of experience behind him, fans love  the incredible musical skills he brings to each and every performance.

Shawn Portrai 2 Portrait.png

John Notaro- Guitar 'io'

Versatile guitar player who creates stunning soundscapes with his music. His ability to jam various musical styles together results in a unique and inspired sound that audiences can't get enough of. He's a guitar player who isn't afraid to mix it up and create something entirely new. Fans of all types of music will love the captivating sound that John creates.

John Portrait (2).png
John Portrait.png

Brad Woodward

With over two decades of experience, I have developed a unique sound that melds metal, classic rock, blues, and country - all infused with my own personal touch. For the past 15 years, I've had the pleasure of working with John Notaro, exploring new harmonies and arrangements that showcase our shared love for soulful, authentic music. 

Brad Portrait (2).png
Brad Portrait.png

Forrest Thomas

Forrest Thomas is a badass drummer and musician, who's got some seriously stylish and intricate rhythms that'll blow your mind. His beats are so pounding and powerful. His tones are so raw and earthy, you'll feel like you're the middle of a wild jam session in the woods. With tons of experience and a real love for music, Forrest is a true master of his craft

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